Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soaping Corner and Soap Preview

I've always had a crafting desk in my apartment, where I (tried!) to keep all of my crafting supplies and finished products... but when I began preparing in earnest for my soap shop, I quickly outgrew my little desk! If you came into my place, you wouldnt see a kitchen table, but storage for totes of supplies, fragrances, and oils. You wouldnt see a miniature bookshelf, you would see two or three batches of soap curing in their molds. And you definetly wouldnt see my crafting desk, but you would see soaps curing by the dozens!

So, after much brainstorming, my husband and I set out for shelving for my crafting corner...

And here's the results!

On the top shelf are my soaps ready to wrap and photograph, and my finished crochet projects.
Farther down are soaps that are curing. I found these excellent kitchen shelves at Wal-mart, and they are wonderful for making my tiny space a little larger!
In the middle are my soap gloves, my utensils and sharp objects (gotta keep them out of baby's reach!), my additives and herbs, and my fragrance oils and dyes.
Towards the bottom are my molds and mixing bowls (my toddler has already discovered them and has learned that he can throw them around!).
And on the bottom shelf are my large bottles of oil and my shipping envelopes.

And here's a sneak preview of soaps to come!

On the left is my batch of rosemary and patchouli soaps, which I colored green and brown using a column swirl.

In the middle is a batch of hand-molded vegan oatmeal soap.

And to the left is a batch of vegan lavender soap, with lavender buds embeded in it! (And you can see some more fall leaves curing as well.)

Look for these awesome soaps on sale in my Etsy shop in about a month, once they are ready to use!

Hooray for breathing room in my craft space! Happy creating, everyone!

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