Monday, July 15, 2013

More Awesome Supplies!

I broke a promise to myself... I actually promised myself that I would not buy any more fragrance oil this summer. I've got scents of every shade running out of my ears... But then, two magical things happened, and I ordered new goodies! Wanna see?

Well, the first magical happening coincided with a trip to town and a browse down the $1 aisle... and I stumbled upon some new silicone ice cube trays. I'll admit: I think I squealed like a fan girl when I realized what they were...
Oh my!

That's right! Bacon, lightning bolts, sausages, bottles, and pickles!
I HAD to get them... but what in the world was I going to scent these new, crazy soaps?
After doing a little research, I placed an order with Nature's Garden for some new fragrance oils: Bacon, Dill Pickle, Root Beer, and Mountain Dew! My husband thought that I had lost my mind, but I am so excited to offer these funky new soaps with funky new scents!

My only problem, is that I have NO IDEA what to scent those sausage soaps!! Ha!

The second magical happening involved Aztec Candle and Soap Supply Company out of Knoxville. Knoxville is about 2 hours west of me, and I have been dying to give their products a shot. Having a supplier so close is something that I have dreamed of. Well, last week, Aztec announced that they were holding a sale for the 4th of July holiday... All of their fragrance oils were $1 for 1 ounce! WOW!!

So, here's my haul:

Whoa, right? I've already used two of my new FOs (Gardenia and Cantaloupe/Lily), and I hope to use another one today! So far, the fragrances have performed perfectly! No acceleration or discoloration... They were a soaper's dream! Some of the other new fragrances that I picked up are Toasted Marshmallow, Bourbon, Tobacco, a Chamomile/Lavender blend, and Cactus and sea salt!

What a haul!

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