Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stick Blender Goodness

I have finally broke down and got myself a stick blender!

However, it is not what you would think. I have actually been given a used stick blender from my dad! Even though the stick blender is second hand, it works really well with soapmaking. I have already used it once, and it looks like I am never going back to the whisk!

My new to me stick blender is a Braun 200 W blender. It also came with a chop attachment, which is convenient! The bottom P's of the blender comes off and is dishwasher safe, which makes it great for cleanup.

When using a stick blender to make soap, you want to make sure that you "burp" the blender before you start using it. When you burp the blender, you tap the blender in the oils lightly to bring out any air bubbles. This prevents any splashing made by the blender. Always make sure to "burp" your stick blender before mixing!

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