Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blog Review

A few weeks ago, I got the wonderful opportunity to be reviewed by a blog called The Married Life Blog. They just published their review of my soaps, lip balm, and my new bath salts! Here are a few quotes:

Cherries and Berries Lip Balm: "I was completely blown away with how silky it left my lips feeling! I have this horrible habit of picking at my lips, which leaves them dry and rough and this balm was perfect for them! It didn't leave a waxy residue like many chapsticks either!"

PBR Soap: "One of his (Ashley's husband, Jeffery) favorite things about this soap was how well it lathered up! Most bar soaps don't really seem to lather at all. It left him smelling yummy and super clean!"

Cucumber/Melon Bath Salts: "I could smell the luscious aroma of cucumber melon as soon as I opened the envelope! I couldn't wait to take a bath that night and try them out! I started my bath and sprinkled in some of the salt. It left the bath water smelling absolutely amazing!"

Want to read more? Check out the review here: Second Spring Soaps Product Review


  1. Awesome! I'm really excited about my order! :) I started a blog like 2 years ago but I'm determined to actually blog on it now. As soon as I try out my stuff, I'll be sure to review it on there. Not that anyone will see it but it's the thought, maybe? lol

  2. Oh wow!! That would be great!! Any exposure is good exposure! :oD

    I sent off your package today, so you should get it soon!